welcome back

im not actually back i just wanted to ensure i still have a decent following

last post: 4 months ago

follower count: 1350


im feeling really tired so im going to go back to sleep for a while

ill try to be on trollian consistently!


the hahahahah fooled you thing meant it was a joke

dot dot dot
or was it a joke


i cannot believe you


or i have a system where bad alternates of myself that dont do as theyre told are locked in a room and forced to make tea and coffee and food for me to pull from the future if they want to leave the room

fooled you

what the fuck dave

what the actual fuck


damn right but then when i can just make tea appear from the future into the present


but then in the future you have to make that tea

or you could keep pulling it from the future and no one ever makes the tea it just kind of appears 


because i was like

i cant be bothered waiting if i get a message or not
so i asked future me and found out

like real time as i was making the blog post

sometimes having time powers makes it hard to be patient


I Wasn’t That Great For A While But I’m Better Now For The Most Part

Keeping Busy And All

I’m Glad To See That You’re Alright Though

I Almost Thought Something Had Happened To You

im glad that things have gotten better then

im sorry i disappeared without a warning i probably shouldve given one but i kind of suck

so that didnt happen

but yeah im fine i promise

please dont worry


thats actually pretty fucking cool

and i guess youre right i might get a message in like a sweep who knows you know you why did i say that infact

/i/ know

if you know then why did you ask

damn it dave


so youve been gone about eight years and not even a message

we should catch up sometime then for sure
thats like one year for each day or something silly like that what were you even looping???

its not even that long from your perspective and how do you know you wont get a message in like a sweep?

yeah thats what i thought buddy

heck yeah we should
i dont know future me visited and said that it was something i had to start doing and she looks very different and almost intimidating

i think she fancies herself something like a goddess of death and i suppose getting to that point starts with looping around and around and finding trolls on their deathbed 

i dont know what shes thinking but im doing it