so how long have you been away relative to your time i though that it was just temporal bullshit but if youve been looping so hard youve aged several sweeps

i dunno i know that feeling but you know ageless body

i think im done aging

just to the point where im an adult from my species prespective

uuh let me see last time we talked i was 9?

so…ffffffour sweeps?

that sounds right

i stopped counting


neat i hear youve grown into more babe like status through temporal bullshit

whats the scoop

gimme the hagan daz

i was about to ask where you heard that from but then i realized when i came back last time i said i had become an attractive adult


theres not a lot to say just a lot of time looping thats been longer from my perspective from yours

my hair touches the floor and is completely wild

my horns are huge

im kind of taller and a little more muscley instead of just like pudge…uh..thats about it i think




okay then

i missed you too though

ill try to be better about being reachable at the very least

im always on pchum

then ill be sure to log on there at the very least

i think i can handle instant messenger consistently


okay then

i missed you too though

ill try to be better about being reachable at the very least


II’m 2tiill taller than you

what the actual fuck

this is unfair

im calling the cops


ii2 your flexiing a2 iimpre22iive a2 miine becau2e miine2 pretty iimpre22iive, II am out flexiing you, AA

yes it is i am large and intimidating now im like 7 feet tall





temporalmaiden replied to your post: Splashes Aradia (With Abl…

it burnssssssssssss

Hey There Stranger

How Have You Been


very tired and sort of busy 

im sorry i havent been around

have you been alright?

not much missing you etc are you staying this time

ill try!

i wont make any promises though because i dont want to get anyones hopes up 0n0


you’re on piixiie giirl

i will take you down

you cant see it but i am flexing


a ha ha don’t ii know that feel.

2leep’2 iimportant you know ii 2ay a2 ii avoiid iit.

ii’m tryiing two thiink but nothiing two dra2tiic ii thiink?

2park2’2 twiin’2 back that’2 the only biig thiing.

kk’2 dii2covered arena fiightiing whiich he’2 riidiiculou2ly good at and ii’ve dii2covered bettiing on hiim and makiing 2hiitton2 of ca2h whiich ii am riidiiculou2ly good at.

plu2 he ha2 a job.

ii can’t thiink of anythiing el2e really?


it sounds like everyone is doing so wonderfully then and i didnt have to worry near as much as i was

thats good

im glad to hear it

smooch kitty on the cheek for me okay just please do this